Belt Holster w/Mag Pouch

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Belt Holster w/Mag Pouch - Black

  • Right-handed belt universal holster w/magazine pouch and retaining strap w/quick clip
  • The right-handed holsters will fit most semi-autos from duty size to sub-compact pistols
  • Adjustable quick-connect plastic buckle retention system. The quick connect buckle can also be removed from the holster via the metal snap fastener
  • Hook and loop strap system to mount onto a belt up to 2" wide
  • Integral magazine pouch on the front edge of the holster to fit most standard duty-sized double-stack magazines (9mm & .40 Cal)
  • Durable outside material, sandwiched in-between is a plastic stiffener layer, with a soft-interior lining materials for extra rigidness



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