Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Pack

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Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee Pack

Each stick of Instant Coffee packs 300 MG of Caffeine  

Death Wish Coffee Instant Coffee packets are designed to fuel you no matter where you are in the world — just add hot water or milk and get going. Each packet contains 4.9 g of an instant blend of Death Wish Coffee and packs 300 mg of caffeine, giving you the same strong, bold taste as the world's strongest coffee.

Full product details: 

  • Each box of instant coffee contains 8 single-serve packets 
  • Brew instantly with 8 ounces* of hot water or milk at 170-degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Each packet contains 4.9 g of instant high-caffeine coffee that packs 300 mg of caffeine to give your customers the pick-me-up they need 
  • To brew Death Wish Instant Coffee, simply open the pouch, pour, and add 8 ounces of water or milk
  • Death Wish Instant Coffee is USDA Certified Organic 

8 ounces of water/milk recommended for best taste. 

More product details:

Death Wish Instant Coffee was born from the idea to send coffee to space. In June 2018, Death Wish Coffee launched an instant coffee to the International Space Station aboard the Falcon 9 SpaceX Rocket — turning the strongest coffee in the world into the strongest coffee in the galaxy. The reason? To help fuel astronauts on the space station so they can further scientific discoveries. And now you can drink an instant version of our coffee as they did — no matter if you're traveling, camping, or exploring the universe. 



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