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Advanced Weapons Technology Extreme Force Clean Lube Protection CLP Lube (4 oz)

The Most Advanced Lubricant For Your Weapons. Under The Most Extreme Conditions. Extreme Force is the weapons lube you’'ve been looking for.

This heavier bodied lubricant will absolutely stay where you put it, no matter the test or the condition. Exceptional anti-friction additives give all moving parts that silky feel of smoothness, and improves the effectiveness of all operating systems. Extreme Force base lubricants have stood under the most grueling conditions of high-heat, high-pressure industrial trials while being exposed to everything man and nature could possibly `throw at it. Special protective ingredients will prevent rust and corrosion during severe and prolonged conditions. From handguns to all-out Miniguns and everything in between, Extreme Force will excel whatever the test. Bring it on! Extreme Force has the additives that allow it to provide the needed protection from -30 below to 450 degrees. Special additives prevent contaminants from sticking to surfaces allowing easy cleaning of all systems.



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