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VISM Gunsmith Apron

The Gunsmith Apron can be used as either a gunsmithing apron for working on your firearms to help protect your clothing from being soiled by carbon, oil, dirt and grease, but is also  perfect gift for those 'Tacti-Cool' Dads out there working over a hot grill on those long Summer weekends.  Made from heavy duty PVC fabric for durability and, it is double layered for protection against hot oil or splash back from dousing those ribs in BBQ sauce. 
  • The Gunsmith Apron is a doubled layered apron that helps protect the user’s clothing from getting soiled by oil/grease/dirt. The front of the apron is Constructed from Heavy Duty PVC Fabric for durability, and the inside material is made from a lighter and smoother PVC fabric for comfort.
  • Adjustable 33” Neck Strap, allows the user to adjust how high/low the apron sits on the body.
  • Adjustable Waist with Quick Snap Buckle fits up to 50” waist.
  • All Neck and Waist straps are re-enforced and double stitched onto the apron.
  • All edge seams are sewn re-enforced with web material.
  • Front Panel Size: 30” Tall X 28” Wide
  • Weight: 11 oz.



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