Ka-Bar TDI Large Law Enforecement Tool - Tanto Serrated Black

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Ka-Bar TDI Large Law Enforcement Tool - Tanto Serrated Black

The TDI Law Enforcement cutting tool was designed to be used as a last option tool. In extreme close quarters encounters where a suspect is attempting to take an officer's handgun, or the officer cannot access the handgun, the TDI Knife is available. Designed by John Benner, founder and owner of Tactical Defense Institute, as an "off hand" knife that can draw like a pistol, the reversible sheath can be worn on either the right or left side of the officer's pant belt. The LE metal belt clip fits all TDI tools and comes with fasteners for mounting. It also fits the Becker Necker BK11 and the Becker/ESEE Eskabar BK14.



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