Liberal Tears Decal

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Liberal Tears Decal

Perfectly Sized To Fit Just Right On Your Yeti Style Tumblers. 


Liberal Tears Weatherproof High Quality Vinyl Stickers! Not approved by CNN fake news!

These aren't your third grade sticker book kinda stickers... Our high quality vinyl stickers are strong enough to withstand even that most dramatic and unsolicited lecture by a snowflake!

That poor liberal soul, crying and throwing a fit, with a safety pin perfectly placed in her ridiculous hat. You get a tear (as in crying) proof UV protected weatherproof vinyl stickers.

They'll go perfectly on your favorite travel mug, coffee maker, gas cap, car, door, sister, bike, flask, etc!

So stick some on your car, toss one on your work/school locker and let the good times TROLL! Let those liberals know that you don’t believe in safe spaces and that you’d love to drink their liberal tears!
Each measures 3 inches in diameter. 
  • We Suggest Two For Your Yeti, 1 For Your Ammo Box, Tool Box, Gun Safe, Boat, Auto & All Your Friends!  
  • 3" Round Super Sticky Decal Printed In The USA On High Quality Vinyl To Withstand Extreme Conditions.



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