Litwood XPE CREE LED EDC Flashlight

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Litwood XPE CREE LED EDC Flashlight

This is the ideal pocket flashlight for anyone and everyone. Easy to conceal and provides over 1000 Lumens of bright light. Can be used for target identification and room clearing, or even used defensively as a blunt striking object due to the rugged, aluminum frame body construction.

Main Features:

  • Ultra mini size
    Dimension132 x 15 x 15mm, a little bit longer than XP-1 but still small enough to save much room in a purse or pocket
  • XPE-R3 light source
    Utilizes XPE-R3 high intensive LED, max up to 1000 Lumens
  • Single mode torch
    Also has a reasonably good run time for a one mode light
  • IPX-6 water-resistant standard
    Protects from powerful water jets
  • Constant current / extremely durable aero-grade aluminum alloy
    Achieves outstanding intensity and heat dissipation
  • Your ideal EDC Flashlight
    It's pretty durable for EDC and household use such as the elderly or ladies who find themselves out after dark and need to find the way to their cars, etc.

Put the battery according to the correct positive and negative terminals
Two ways to install the battery:
Screw off the back cover from the tail, then put the battery.
Screw off the cover from the head, then put the battery.



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