Military Pilot Sunglasses 57mm Chrome/Silver Frame w/Gray Lenses

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Military Pilot Sunglasses - 57mm Chrome/Silver Frame with Grey Lenses

The Military Pilot Sunglasses features grey lenses and chrome silver frames. These glasses have a bayonet style and are 57-millimeter. HUMVEE has become the backbone of U.S. forces around the world. Our HUMVEE gear is modeled after equipment that is depended on in the rigors of battle. These products are designed to survive the most demanding situations while still remaining simple and easy to use.

Features and Specifications:

  • Made from high-nickel copper alloy
  • High frequency welding and optical plating
  • Spring-loaded flexibility
  • Polarized lenses with UV protection
  • CE approved
  • 1-year limited warranty
Additional Items Included: Carrying Case
Item Weight (Oz): 0.90
Item Dimensions, Length (In): 5.25
Face Diameter and Thickness (mm): Lens 57 x 44



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