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Lucky Shot .308 Bullet Projectile Keychain

Use the Second Amendment to carry your keys. Our .308 Lucky Shot Bullet (projectile) Keychain is the perfect accessory for keeping your keys in one spot. The 30 caliber projectile bullet is lacquered to a high shine. The bullets are decommissioned so they cannot be used in a firearm. They do not contain gunpowder or other active components. Each of our keychains is made in the USA and crafted to the highest standards. 

The dummy bullets are precisely cut so the 1 ¼” keyring floats freely through the bullet. Then, the bullets are reassembled, polished, and lacquered. Rather than putting decommissioned bullets into a landfill, Lucky Shot repurposed them into attractive and useful accessories. You not only show your support for the Right to Bear Arms, but you also show your support for American manufacturing and for recycling. 

The bullet .308 Keyring makes a great gift for the Winchester fan, for your favorite sharpshooter, or for your favorite hunter. You can even buy one for yourself since every sportsman/woman should show the love of shooting in such a useful way. 



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