VISM Rifle Case

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VISM Rifle Case

The single rifle case comes in few different lengths; each option is fully padded front and rear and includes an ID card window sewn in as well as a front accessory pouch for necessary range and hunting gear.

Available in just two colors, black and tan, it is ideal for transporting your hunting rifle to and from your favorite tree stand and ideal for when going to the range to sight in your scope or iron sights.

  • 36" case:   36"L x 9"H x 1"D
  • 38" case:   38"L x 9"H x 1"D
  • 40" case:   40"L x 9"H x 1"D
  • 42" case:   42"L x 9"H x 1"D
  • 46" case:   46"L x 9"H x 1"D
  • 48" case:   48"L x 9"H x 1"D
  • 52" case:   52"L x 9"H x 1"D



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