Rival Foregrip

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Firefield Rival Foregrip


  • Skeletonized design
  • Textured surface finish

Keep a firm grip on your firearm and ensure stability with the new Rival Foregrip for picatinny rails. Perfect for controlling weapons in all kinds of shooting situations, tactical Rival Foregrips feature a lightweight skeletonized design, weighing just 4.1 oz. Constructed of durable aluminum, Rival foregrips boast a textured surface and matte black finish. Its ergonomic design is comfortable to grasp and provides a natural grip when using an AR-15.


  • Finish/Color - Matte black
  • Mount Type - Picatinny
  • Length (in/mm) - 2.7 / 70in / mm
  • Width (in/mm) - 1.2 / 61in / mm
  • Height (in/mm) - 3.7 / 95in / mm



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