Star Spangled Banner 3D PVC Morale Patch

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MAXPEDITION 3D PVC Morale Patch - Star Spangled Banner

Stand up and salute with this stunning 3-D representation of Old Glory, waving with pride.

Overall size
  • 3.08"(L) x 2"(H)
Other features
  • Made from PVC rubber
  • Includes additional loop field lined sheet for sewing onto clothes or protecting hook back when not in use


Identify & Personalize Your Gear

Maxpedition brings you a new collection of morale patches you'll never see anywhere else, featuring original artwork and unique designs for the true individual. Built to personalize, these patches have a hook back to attach to the loop lining of your Maxpedition bag, and can be stitched on to your gear without having to tear or damage their backing. Add flair and say it loud with Maxpedition morale patches.



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