Tactical Aircraft Aluminum Pen

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Bare Arms Tactical Aircraft Aluminum Pen

The Tactical Self-Defense pen is mad of aviation grade aluminum through Type III hard anodic oxidation, which can provide a robust, durable and rugged pen and ideal for use in a self-defense situation or an emergency. 

The medium point makes writing effortless and smooth, while the pointed windo breaker provides a multi-use feature ideal for anyone looking for a lasting and durable pen or gift item for someone who travels alot. 

With a diamond textured design on the pen shaft and a smooth holding area, the Tactical Pen provides anti-skid and anti-slipage during use.  The window breaker end can also be used for self-defense making this applicable for defending against a personal attack, or use in an emergency to break a window for a quick escape. 

A Manganese steel pen clip will coincides with the ergonomic design, and makes this easy to hook on your backpack, bags, notebook so you won't lose your favorite pen. 

  • Material: Aviation aluminum
  • Size: Approx. 14.5cm x 3cm (L*D)
  • Color: Black or Graphite
  • Package included: 1x Tactical Self Defense Pen 



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