Tactical Belt w/Two Mag Pouches

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Tactical Belt w/Two Magazine Pouches

The 2.25" Tactical Belt with large quick connect/closure buckle and two horizontal magazine pouches is ideal for those taking training classes or longer days at the range. The Tactical Belt is adjustable for waist sizes from 32" to 49" via hook and loop fasteners.

It's ideal for fastening a dedicated pistol holster along with a dump or utility pouch to make it easy to put on and take off without having to run through your pants belt or belt loops.

The Tactical Belt includes two (2) removable pouches with quick connect/closure buckles which are suitable for double stack pistol magazines or a folding pocket knife, multi-tool or other range essential gear or tools.  The pouch is secured to the belt with hook and loop straps.

The inside of the belt is lined with 1.25" soft loop fastening material which makes it suitable for adding other hook and loop type accessories.  The belt also includes four (4) snap button belt keepers to quickly attach to your pants belt to ensure it stays in place, but makes the outer belt easy to quickly take off if needed.

It is available in three (3) colors: Black, OD Green and Tan.



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