Thin Red Line Punisher Decal

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Thin Red Line Punisher Window Decal

The Punisher isn’t a super hero.

He’s a straight-up hero. 

A man of flesh and blood who uses the tools he knows, the ones he trained to handle while in the Special Forces. He uses handguns, sniper rifles, knives, grenades, and even his own bare hands if he must to wreak justice on criminals. 

The Punisher logo serves as bond of brotherhood for those in service. A reminder that those who serve are not alone, that they stand beside brothers and sisters in service.

The Punisher logo is often symbolized with red or with blue. The red line signifies the thin red line of courage of firefighters and the blue line recognizes law enforcement officers.

Navy SEAL Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle received several awards for acts of heroism spread across for tours of the war in Iraq. He was one of many SEALS who painted the Punisher symbol on his weapon and vehicle. Chris Kyle loved the Punisher emblem so much that he used it in the logo for the company he started after he left the service.



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